endurance compression

Specially engineered clothes for men and women who want a better return on their training. By means of graduated compression the maximum strength increases and helps to improve endurance, stability and regeneration.

The highly specialised clothes improve blood circulation, which increases the oxygenation of tissue and muscles thereby improving stamina in disciplines of great endurance. Proprioception and the recruitment of muscle fibres are changed, which contributes to increase the maximum strength.

Endurance compression gear helps the lymphatic system to reduce the accumulation of fluid. This reduces muscle swelling and muscle soreness (DOMS) when the clothes are used after training. In addition, the blood circulation is improved, which contributes to increase removal of waste products in the cells and to improve the cellular repair processes.

Compression clothes reduce muscle vibration, thereby reducing the structural damage of the muscle. The number of muscle fibres that are recruited decreases. This reduces energy consumption at submaximal disciplines and exhaustion is postponed.